Meningitis Explained

It is estimated that meningitis causes more than 1000 deaths daily around the world and leaves many more with lifelong disabilities. This disease is caused by inflammation of the protective membranes that cover the brain and spinal cords commonly known as meninges. This inflammation is brought about by infection of the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. This inflammation can damage the brain and the nerves. Continue reading

Tick-Borne Encephalitis

Tick-borne encephalitis is a human viral infectious illness including the central nervious system. TBE is brought about by the tick borne encephalitis infection (TBEV), a member from the family of Flaviviridae, and was at first segregated in 1937. Three infection sub-sorts are depicted: European or Western tick-borne encephalitis infection, Siberian tick-borne encephalitis infection, and Far eastern Tick-borne encephalitis infection. The family Flaviviridae incorporates a few tick-borne infections influencing people. These infections are firmly identified with TBEV and Far eastern. Continue reading

Genomic Fingerprint May Predict Prostate Cancer

Although there are many reasons that contribute to this health disparity, new research shows that African American men may have an unmistakably diverse kind of prostate growth than European American men, as indicated by new genomic fingerprinting results. The analysts checked the writing for qualities that were practically connected with prostate growth start and movement and discovered 20 qualities. Jefferson Health involves five doctor’s facilities, 13 outpatient and earnest consideration focuses, and additionally doctor rehearses and all over the place we convey mind all through the city and rural areas crosswise over Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties in Pa., and Camden County in New Jersey. Continue reading

How to choose a dentist?

The wise men go to the dentist’s at least once a year – in order to have time to choose the best. If the tooth aches, it is unlikely you will get accustomed to the clinic carefully. But in case of the planned visit, nothing prevents to turn on your attention and analyze whether the clinic and the doctor meet these 10 rules of a good dentist. Continue reading

Do oysters with champagne really improve potency?

Sure, the seafood contains zinc, necessary for the secretion of male hormones. But modern science has proved that mussels, oysters, lobsters and other marine products contain no sexual stimulants. This is a good, useful food rich in proteins and micronutrients. But there is little sense to expect great love deeds from a lover that has stuffed himself with marine inhabitants. Continue reading

Scientists have created a way to disable hunger signals in CNS

Natural scientists inform that a pill locking food cravings is to be created in the nearest future. And it will provide a better alternative to hard and exhausting diets.

During the latest decades, shapeliness has been one of the most actual problems in developed countries. People torture themselves with strict diets and exhausting sports to get a slim body and good feeling. But not everybody could achieve desired results, as there is one general problem, which throws sand in the wheels – hunger. It is hunger that makes people give up and return to the previous, not so pleasant way of life. But today scientists created a good way to work off excess weight. Continue reading

You Must Workout More Than Your Ancestors Did

A new research demonstrates human skeletons nowadays are significantly lighter in weight plus much more breakable compared to people of our historic ancestors and forefathers. This really is primarily a direct result of the actual creation associated with agriculture along with a decrease within our degree of physical exercise.

In the research, scientists examined X-ray graphics associated with thigh bone tissues from modern day people, along with individuals from people who existed thousands of in years past. Continue reading