How to choose a dentist?

The wise men go to the dentist’s at least once a year – in order to have time to choose the best. If the tooth aches, it is unlikely you will get accustomed to the clinic carefully. But in case of the planned visit, nothing prevents to turn on your attention and analyze whether the clinic and the doctor meet these 10 rules of a good dentist.

  1. A miserable interior and walls clearly requiring repair lies behind the beautiful facade? It is unlikely that the owner of the clinic properly treats his business, staff and customers.
  2. The preliminary inspection of the mouth is usually free of charge in good clinics.
  3. The temperature in the cabinet should be at least + 21°C to + 24°C. At lower photo composites lose plasticity and ability to bind the fragmented hard dental tissue. When the temperatures are higher flow ability of material increases, making the plastic processing more difficult.
  4. dentistModern photo composites are very sensitive to light. Pay attention to the general lighting of the cabinet: it should be scattered, shadowless and not heating the doctor’s working area.
  5. Do not trust the clinic where you are promised not to waste your time and to perform the tooth filling in 15-20 minutes. In fact, this procedure requires more treatment time according to the international standards.
  6. It is desirable that the doctor has an assistant, who assists in the choice of colors and the necessary filling material, conducts polishing, and carries out timely removal of oral fluid. However, the presence of an assistant usually raises the price for treatment.
  7. If you do not have confidence in the doctor and he seems to hurt you, leave such clinic immediately. In such case even a good result may not satisfy you due to the prejudice – in the end this all will fray your and the doctor’s nerves for no reason.
  8. In dentistry, there is hardly any absolute indication for something. Let the dentist explain why it offers the chosen treatment option. But be aware if the doctor uses too many terms, which do not give an explanation, or deliberately emphasizes the novelty and authenticity of a particular method.
  9. Pay attention to how your teeth and root canals are sealed, and what they are filled with. The seal should restore the natural anatomy of the tooth as close as it is possible. The doctor must show you one or more X-ray images taken during treatment and explain the picture to you in order to show you how well the channel is sealed.
  10. It is essential, if the tools are sterilized in your presence – it removes potential doubts regarding sterility.